[Server-sky] [ExI] Power sats again

Charles Radley cfrjlr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 16:54:16 UTC 2013

Hydro power is cheap, but it is "maxxed out".  that is, they require 
enormous areas of real estate, and there is simply nowhere left in the 
world to put them.  There is no way that hydro can scale up to supply 
the entire world's needs.   Hydro also suffers from the same problem 
problem as most other terrestrial renewables, that of geography and 
transmission costs.  Most of the sites which are good for renewable 
energy power generation are very remote from the industrial consumers, 
and the capital cost of building new transmission liens can be more than 
the coast of building the generating plant.Hydro also

Space Based Solar power, by comparison, requires relatively little land 
area and can scale up without limit, to easily supply (and exceed) the 
world's needs.   Also, the recetennas can be placed fairly close to 
industrial demand centers, reducing transmission costs.

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