[Server-sky] RWS and OFA

Keith Lofstrom keithl at gate.kl-ic.com
Thu Jul 18 13:57:24 UTC 2013

I propose two acronyms for discussions on this list, one of which
shall remain undiscussed.   

RWS = Really Wild Stuff, things we don't expect to happen soon but
are fun extrapolations into the distant future.  Mundane folk will
group everything we talk about here in the RWS category, but we'll
show them, won't we?   When I think about RWS, I think about a 
different noun who's second letter is H, and the look of gentle
skepticism on Jonathan "Duke" Leto's face when I talk about these

Feel free to post RWS here, but put RWS in the subject line. 
I will endeavor to do the same for some topics on the wiki.

OFA = Old Failed Approaches, which is RWS that graduated to WSN,
"we're serious now", more than 25 years ago and isn't making money
yet.  Lots of OFA is bandied about in the futurist community, and
much has turned into inflexible dogma, which is why it failed.
The OFA label should be kept in mind when a discussion is turning
sour, as a reason to withdraw from participating further.  It
shouldn't actually be used in mailings, that will create bad
feelings and interfere with future discussion.

OFA can be blended with seemingly contradictory ideas to produce
more RWS, but the cognitive dissonance will be more than most
intransigent adherents to OFA can handle.  Best to let OFA brain
cells die of neglect.

I thought up early versions of server sky in 2009 and shared it
publically in 2010, so unless we make money with it, it becomes
OFA for me in 2034 and the rest of you in 2035.


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