[Server-sky] graphics for collision hazards

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Wed Apr 1 15:50:12 UTC 2009

Regards the calculations of collision hazards:

First, I can imagine two graphs of collision hazards versus radius,
one showing density of crossings per radial kilometer, one showing
density per kilometer squared (the first plot divided by the radius).
Probably log plots on the y axis.

There would be two plots per graph, one showing the total of debris,
rocket bodies, and satellites in use, and the other just showing the
satellites in use.  There should be less than 100 potential candidates
for in-use satellites, so you can research them online for their 
current activity.

Next, each plot might get magnified around the region of m288 . 
Rather than log plots, these would probably be impulse plots showing
the position of the crossers.  I expect they will be spaced (heh)
by a few kilometers.

Third, and for super extra rendering points, it might be fun to have
an animation showing the crossers as cylinders penetrating the m288
ring.  They might be rendered as a narrow cylinder surrounded by a
cloud of small particle debris.  This might be a good blender project.
The cloud would represent the actual behavior of an old satellite;
they shed bits of paint and insulation, which tend to follow them in
orbit.  BTW, this is the same behavior that comets and meteor showers
show;  debris from comets tends to follow the same orbital path as
the ancient comet that spawned them, spreading out along the entire
orbital path but only very slowly tangentially.  


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